Working with the Benefit Design Group Team

Why work with us? All of our agents are listed on the Washington Health Plan website. We have all been through the required training and have years of experience in the health insurance field. We are all licensed and insured. Feel free to come by our office and meet us in person.

How much does it cost? Working with us does not cost you a penny. We are paid by the insurance companies when we assist you in signing up for an individual policy. This is the way it has always been.

Doesn’t Washington Health Plan have people to help me? Washington Health Plan does not have agents on staff to assist you with the process. The customer service representatives are not allowed, by law, to answer any questions in regards to choosing an individual health plan. They encourage you to work with an agent.

Wouldn’t it be faster to work directly with Washington Health Plan Finder? Again, they cannot help you in choosing a plan. Because the website is currently not working, all of the applications have to be processed by hand. You could send your application directly to Washington Health Plan, along with thousands of others, or work with us and we will walk the application through the process and help you choose the best insurance plan.